Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 All-Star Game Lineups

Brad Mills and Joe Maddon just released their starting lineups for Tuesday's All-Star Game at Marlins Park in Miami:

American League

Jose Altuve, 2B
Jose Ramirez, 3B
Aaron Judge, RF
George Springer, LF
Carlos Correa, SS
Justin Smoak, 1B
Corey Dickerson, DH
Salvador Perez, C
Mookie Betts, CF

Chris Sale, SP 

National League

Charlie Blackmon, CF
Giancarlo Stanton, DH
Bryce Harper, RF
Buster Posey, C
Daniel Murphy, 2B
Nolan Arenado, 3B
Ryan Zimmerman, 1B
Marcell Ozuna, CF
Zack Cozart, SS

Max Scherzer, SP   

Let's go around the diamond for both squads and see who previously started an All-Star Game for that player's club at his position.

If you'd like to guess the players first, play this Sporcle quiz here.

Houston Astros ASG Starting Second Basemen
Craig Biggio 1995
Craig Biggio 1996
Craig Biggio 1997
Craig Biggio 1998
Jeff Kent 2004
Jose Altuve 2015
Jose Altuve 2016
Jose Altuve 2017

Altuve leads off for the second straight year. Craig Biggio is the only other Astro to bat first in an All-Star Game, doing so in 1997 and 1998.

Cleveland Indians ASG Starting Third Basemen
Ken Keltner1942
Ken Keltner1943
Ken Keltner1944
Ken Keltner1946
Ken Keltner1948
Al Rosen1952
Al Rosen1953
Al Rosen1954
Travis Fryman2000
Jose Ramirez2017

New York Yankees ASG Starting Right Fielders
Babe Ruth1933
Babe Ruth1934
Joe DiMaggio1936
Joe DiMaggio1937
Joe DiMaggio1938
Charlie Keller1940
Tommy Henrich1942
Charlie Keller1946
Hank Bauer1952
Hank Bauer1953
Hank Bauer1954
Roger Maris1960 (1)
Roger Maris1960 (2)
Roger Maris1961 (1)
Mickey Mantle1962 (1)
Reggie Jackson1977
Reggie Jackson1980
Reggie Jackson1981
Dave Winfield1983
Dave Winfield1985
Dave Winfield1986
Dave Winfield1987
Dave Winfield1988
Paul O'Neill1997
Aaron Judge2017

This will be the 25th start in right field by a Yankee, more than twice as many as any other team has had (the Cubs are second with 12).

Houston Astros ASG Starting Left Fielders
George Springer2017

Springer is the first Astro to start in left field and is also the first to hit in the cleanup spot.

Houston Astros ASG Starting Shortstops
Carlos Correa 2017

The Astros are the 31st team to have their second baseman and shortstop start the All-Star Game together, but Altuve (27 years old) and Correa (22) are just the second pair of teammates to start at age 27 or younger. Nellie Fox (23) and Chico Carrasquel (25) did it for the 1951 White Sox.

The only remaining franchises that have never had an All-Star starting shortstop are the Nationals/Expos, Padres, Blue Jays, Rays and Diamondbacks.

Toronto Blue Jays ASG Starting First Baseman
John Olerud 1993
Carlos Delgado 2003
Justin Smoak 2017

Tampa Bay Rays ASG Starting Designated Hitters
Corey Dickerson2017

Dickerson is the third Ray to earn a starting nod. Evan Longoria (3B) and Carl Crawford (LF) both started in 2010.

Kansas City Royals ASG Starting Catchers
Darrell Porter 1979
Salvador Perez 2014
Salvador Perez 2015
Salvador Perez 2016
Salvador Perez 2017

Perez is the first catcher to start in four consecutive All-Star Games since Ivan Rodriguez did it in nine straight from 1993-2001

Catchers to Start in Four Consecutive All-Star Games
Bill Dickey 1937-41 (5)
Roy Campanella 1950-54 (5)
Yogi Berra 1950-57 (8)
Del Crandall 1959-60
Joe Torre 1964-67
Bill Freehan 1966-72 (7)
Johnny Bench 1969-77 (9)
Gary Carter 1981-84
Mike Piazza 1994-99 (6)
Ivan Rodriguez 1993-2001 (9)
Salvador Perez 2014-17

Boston Red Sox ASG Starting Center Fielders
Dom DiMaggio1946
Dom DiMaggio1951
Dom DiMaggio1952
Carl Yastrzemski1968
Carl Yastrzemski1970
Fred Lynn1976
Carl Yastrzemski1977
Fred Lynn1978
Fred Lynn1979
Fred Lynn1980
Johnny Damon2005
Mookie Betts2017

Betts starts in place of the injured Mike Trout. He started in right field last year, but moves over to center this time. With Chris Sale on the mound, the Red Sox are the first AL team with the starting pitcher and center fielder since the 1997 Mariners had Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr.

Boston Red Sox ASG Starting Pitchers
Lefty Grove 1936
Mel Parnell 1949
Bill Monbouquette 1960 (1)
Dennis Eckersley 1982
Roger Clemens 1986
Pedro Martinez 1999
Derek Lowe 2002
Chris Sale 2017

Sale started last year when he was with the White Sox and while this is the 18th time a pitcher has started back-to-back games, Sale is the first to do so representing different teams.

Starting Pitcher in Back-to-Back All-Star Games
Lefty Gomez 1933-35
Dizzy Dean 1936-37
Lefty Gomez 1937-38
Paul Derringer 1939-40
Red Ruffing 1939-40
Mort Cooper 1942-43
Robin Roberts 1950-51
Robin Roberts 1953-55
Billy Pierce 1955-56
Don Drysdale 1959 both games
Whitey Ford 1960-61 (2nd in '60, 1st in '61)
Jim Bunning 1961-62 (2nd in '61, 1st in '62)
Jim Palmer 1977-78
Dave Stieb 1983-84
Tom Glavine 1991-92
Greg Maddux 1997-98
Randy Johnson 2000-01
Chris Sale 2016-17

And now for the National League:

Colorado Rockies ASG Starting Center Fielders 
Larry Walker1998
Charlie Blackmon2017

Blackmon is the second Rockies player to bat in the leadoff spot for the Senior Circuit, along with Carlos Gonzalez (2012).

Miami Marlins ASG Starting Designated Hitters
Giancarlo Stanton 2014
Giancarlo Stanton 2017

With the game in Miami, Stanton is the third player from the host team to start at DH (Edgar Martinez in Seattle in 2001 and Wil Myers in San Diego last year). 

Here are the 12 host players to hit a home run:

Joe DiMaggio (1939 Yankees)
Ted Williams (1946 Red Sox) (hit two)
Vic Wertz (1951 Tigers)
George Kell (1951 Tigers)
Al Rosen (1954 Indians) (hit two)
Larry Doby (1954 Indians)
Jim Gilliam (1959 Dodgers)
Harmon Killebrew (1965 Twins)
Frank Howard (1969 Senators)
Hank Aaron (1972 Braves)
Sandy Alomar Jr. (1997 Indians)
Chipper Jones (2000 Braves)

The two host players to be named Most Valuable Player are Sandy Alomar Jr. (1997 Indians) and Pedro Martinez (1999 Red Sox).

Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos ASG Starting Right Fielders
Bryce Harper2015
Bryce Harper2016
Bryce Harper2017

Harper was the first Nationals (or Expos) player to start an All-Star Game in right field, and now he'll make it three in a row. 

San Francisco Giants ASG Starting Catchers
Walker Cooper 1946
Walker Cooper 1947
Walker Cooper 1948
Ed Bailey 1963
Buster Posey 2012
Buster Posey 2015
Buster Posey 2016
Buster Posey 2017

Posey is the first Giant in the NL's cleanup spot since Barry Bonds in 2003. He is the ninth catcher to bat fourth, and the first since Mike Piazza 20 years ago.

Bill Dickey 1939
Walker Cooper 1944
Yogi Berra 1954, 1959
Johnny Bench 1974, 1975
Thurman Munson 1976
Lance Parrish 1986
Gary Carter 1986
Mike Piazza 1994, 1995, 1997
Buster Posey 2017

Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos ASG Starting Second Basemen
Jose Vidro2002
Jose Vidro2003
Daniel Murphy2017

Murphy is the first National to start. Jose Vidro of the Expos did it in back-to-back years in 2002 and 2003.

Colorado Rockies ASG Starting Third Basemen
Vinny Castilla1995
Nolan Arenado2017

Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos ASG Starting First Basemen
Al Oliver 1983
Ryan Zimmerman 2017

This is the first start at first base by a National, after Al Oliver represented the Expos in 1983.

Miami Marlins ASG Starting Left Fielders
Marcell Ozuna 2017

The list of teams that have never had an All-Star starter in left field has been cut in half. The Marlins and Astros get their first one this year, leaving just the Mariners and Diamondbacks without one.

Cincinnati Reds ASG Starting Shortstops
Roy McMillan 1956
Roy McMillan 1957
Leo Cardenas 1966
Dave Concepcion 1975
Dave Concepcion 1976
Dave Concepcion 1977
Dave Concepcion 1981
Dave Concepcion 1982
Barry Larkin 1993
Barry Larkin 1995
Barry Larkin 1996
Barry Larkin 1999
Barry Larkin 2000
Zack Cozart 2017

Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos ASG Starting Pitchers
Steve Rogers 1982
Charlie Lea 1984
Max Scherzer 2017

Scherzer is the first Nats pitcher to start the game, after two Expos did it.

Like Scherzer, Rogers also started opposite a Red Sox pitcher, Dennis Eckersley.

Before this year, there were nine pitchers to start for multiple teams, and now both Sale and Scherzer join them in 2017.

Pitchers to Start an All-Star Game for Multiple Teams

Dean Chance 1964 Angels 1967 Twins
Vida Blue 1971, 1975 A's 1978 Giants
Steve Carlton 1969 Cardinals 1979 Phillies
Jack Morris 1981, 1985 Tigers 1991 Twins
Randy Johnson 1995, 1997 Mariners 2000-01 Diamondbacks
David Wells 1998 Yankees 2000 Blue Jays
Roger Clemens 1986 Red Sox 2001 Yankees 2004 Astros
Curt Schilling 1999 Phillies 2002 Diamondbacks
Roy Halladay 2009 Blue Jays 2011 Phillies
Chris Sale 2016 White Sox 2017 Red Sox
Max Scherzer 2013 Tigers 2017 Nationals

Narrowing down the list, Scherzer is only the fifth pitcher to start for both the American and National League.

Vida Blue 1971, 1975 A's 1978 Giants
Randy Johnson 1995, 1997 Mariners 2000-01 Diamondbacks
Roger Clemens 1986 Red Sox 2001 Yankees 2004 Astros
Roy Halladay 2009 Blue Jays 2011 Phillies
Max Scherzer 2013 Tigers 2017 Nationals