Monday, May 13, 2013

NHL: Home Teams Win First Six Games of Series

The Washington Capitals and New York Rangers have played a wonderful (and if you're a fan of either team, excruciating) first-round series. Home-ice advantage has been key as the host team has won all six games thus far, setting up a winner-take-all seventh game in the nation's capital. This is only the 16th time in NHL history that the home team has been 6-0 to start a seven-game series.

Year Round Road Home Game 7 Home Result
2011 Stanley Cup Boston Bruins Vancouver Canucks Bruins 4-0 L
2009 Stanley Cup Pittsburgh Penguins Detroit Red Wings Penguins 2-1 L
2003 Stanley Cup Mighty Ducks of Anaheim New Jersey Devils Devils 3-0 W
2002 East Quarters New York Islanders Toronto Maple Leafs Maple Leafs 4-2 W
1992 Adams Div Semis Hartford Whalers Montreal Canadiens Canadiens 3-2 W
1979 Semis Boston Bruins Montreal Canadiens Canadiens 5-4 (OT) W
1978 Quarters Toronto Maple Leafs New York Islanders Maple Leafs 2-1 (OT) L
1976 Quarters Toronto Maple Leafs Philadelphia Flyers Flyers 7-3 W
1974 Semis New York Rangers Philadelphia Flyers Flyers 4-3 W
1972 Quarters St. Louis Blues Minnesota North Stars Blues 2-1 (OT) L
1971 Stanley Cup Montreal Canadiens Chicago Blackhawks Canadiens 3-2 L
1968 Quarters Minnesota North Stars Los Angeles Kings North Stars 9-4 L
1965 Semis Chicago Blackhawks Detroit Red Wings Blackhawks 4-2 L
1965 Stanley Cup Chicago Blackhawks Montreal Canadiens Canadiens 4-0 W
1955 Stanley Cup Montreal Canadiens Detroit Red Wings Red Wings 3-1 W

Home teams are 8-7 in Game Seven in these series, but the visitor has pulled out the win in the last two cases.

2011 Stanley Cup Game Seven Highlights

2009 Stanley Cup Game Seven Ending

2003 Stanley Cup Game Seven Highlights

1992 Canadiens beat Whalers on Russ Courtnall goal in 2 OT

1979 Stanley Cup Semifinals Game Seven Finish - Bruins Too Many Men on the Ice

1971 Stanley Cup Finals Game Seven Highlights

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