Monday, August 12, 2013

Alfonso Soriano and Knocking Your 2000th Hit As a Yankee

Alfonso Soriano tallied his 2000th career hit on Sunday and he did it in style, swatting a home run off Justin Verlander in the Yanks' 5-4 win over Detroit.

Soriano is the 19th player to reach the 2000-hit plateau as a Yankee. The full list, courtesy of YES Network research guru Jeff Quagliata, is below:

Felipe Alou
Yogi Berra
Johnny Damon
Joe DiMaggio
Lou Gehrig
Derek Jeter
Willie Keeler
Kenny Lofton
Mickey Mantle
Don Mattingly
Johnny Mize
Paul O'Neill
Alex Rodriguez
Babe Ruth
Joe Sewell
Ruben Sierra
Alfonso Soriano
Bernie Williams
Dave Winfield

Let's take a look at each of these in further detail. The earliest ones have limited data, but I dug up what I could. The first four entries have no play-by-play data (and all I could do with Keeler was do the math to see that the hit was in 1903). Ruth and Gehrig's had two hits and faced two different pitchers on their milestone days, but without PBP data, we can't know which one was which. Sewell had three singles in his game, all off Lyons, who pitched a complete game. At least there's everything from DiMaggio on down.

Batter Date Opp Pitcher Hit Inn Career Hits Hits with Yankees
Willie Keeler 1903 2932 1956 to 2929 (974)
Babe Ruth 8/2/1929 vs CLE 1B or 3B 2873 343 to 2860 (2518)
Joe Sewell 7/17/1932 vs CWS Ted Lyons 1B 2226 1801 to 2226 (426)
Lou Gehrig 5/30/1935 at WAS 1B or 2B 2721 All
Joe DiMaggio 6/20/1950 at CLE Marino Pieretti RBI 1B 7th 2214 All
Johnny Mize 6/16/1953 vs SLB Duane Pillette RBI 1B 5th 2011 1782 to 2011 (230)
Yogi Berra 6/28/1961 at LAA Ryne Duren 1B 4th 2150 1 to 2148
Mickey Mantle 9/17/1964 vs LAA Fred Newman 1B 6th 2415 All
Felipe Alou 8/25/1972 at KC Al Fitzmorris RBI 1B 8th 2101 1802 to 2091 (289)
Dave Winfield 7/7/1986 at TEX Mickey Mahler RBI 3B 5th 3110 1135 to 2434 (1300)
Don Mattingly 7/23/1994 at CAL Russ Springer 1B 7th 2153 All
Paul O'Neill 5/2/2001 at MIN LaTroy Hawkins 1B 9th 2105 680 to 2105 (1426)
Ruben Sierra 6/22/2003 at NYM Graeme Lloyd 1B 11th 2152 1492 to 1640, 1986 to 2147 (311)
Bernie Williams 6/10/2004 vs COL Jason Jennings 1B 4th 2336 All
Kenny Lofton 8/25/2004 at CLE Jake Westbrook 1B 4th 2428 1944 to 2019 (76)
Derek Jeter 5/26/2006 vs KC Scott Elarton 1B 4th 3308 All
Alex Rodriguez 7/21/2006 at TOR A.J. Burnett 3RHR 3rd 2906 1536 to 2906 (1371)
Johnny Damon
Alfonso Soriano
at TOR
vs DET
Brian Tallet
Justin Verlander
Solo HR
1790 to 2425 (636)
1 to 571, 1990 to 2000 (582)

So Soriano joins A-Rod as Yankees that homered for their 2000th hit (Keeler did not homer in 1903, so at least we know his hit wasn't a dinger). Rodriguez's blast was also the 450th homer of his career. Yesterday marked the seventh time that the hit came in the Bronx, with the first six hit across the street. Of the 15 for which we have PBP, Soriano becomes the sixth to drive in a run with their hit.

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