Wednesday, October 29, 2014

World Series by Combined Margin of Victory

The 2014 World Series must go the full seven games as the Giants and Royals will play the final game of the season tonight. Despite being a back-and-forth series, the games themselves haven't been very tight, with scores of 7-1, 7-2, 3-2, 11-4, 5-0 and 10-0. Already the first Fall Classic to feature four games decided by five or more runs, we saw a fifth last night.

The first six games have been decided by a total of 34 runs, tied for the third-highest mark of any World Series, trailing 1960 (42 runs) and 1968 (41). A nine-run blowout tonight would break the record, but hopefully we get a good game and the 1960 record stays safe.

Below is a list of all 110 World Series ranked by total margin of victory and by margin of victory per game. I've also included lists ranking each World Series by run differential and run differential per game. Amazingly, the largest run differential belongs to the 1960 Series, in which the Yankees outscored the Pirates 55-27 and still lost. If the Royals win by two tonight, it will be just the second World Series in which the two teams scored the same number of runs (1948, Indians and Braves tied 17-17). The fifth and final chart is a chronological list.

There are two entries for the 1907, 1912 and 1922 World Series. Those three each had one game end in a tie due to darkness, so I include the series both with and without the tied game.

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