Thursday, April 2, 2015

Most Consecutive Seasons with a Different Opening Day Starter: Right Field

The series continues (SPC1B2BSS, 3B, LF, CF, RFDH) as we look at teams that had long stretches with a different Opening Day right fielder:

X different Opening Day Starting Right Fielder in X Seasons (since 1914)

Red Sox 13 1988-2000
Indians 13 1938-50
Angels 11 1983-93
Tigers 11 1973-83
Orioles 11 1954-64
Red Sox 11 1932-42
Astros 10 1988-97
Browns 10 1938-47
Devil Rays 9 2003-11
White Sox 9 1936-44
Dodgers 9 1934-42

Baseball-Reference takes us back until 1914 and while Retrosheet provides starting pitchers in their game logs, it doesn't have that for other positions.

The 11-year run for the Angels ended with 11 straight opening starts in right by Tim Salmon, while Detroit's 11-year streak began when Al Kaline's personal string of 13 straight opening starts was snapped. The Orioles' streak from 1954-64 represents the franchise's first 11 years after moving from St. Louis to Baltimore.

Here's the full list of right fielders from the teams shown above. Some interesting names here include Larry Doby, who integrated the American League, Pat Seerey, who hit four home runs in one game in 1948 and the presidential George Washington. There's also the single-season doubles leader Earl Webb, who started in 1932 a year after swatting a record 67 two-baggers for the Red Sox, and Mike Chartak, who is one of three players to make the last out of a World Series in his final big league game (George Selkirk 1942, Chartak 1944, Jackie Robinson 1956).

Red Sox 13 1988-2000 Mike Greenwell, Dwight Evans, Kevin Romine, Tom Brunansky, Phil Plantier, Andre Dawson, Billy Hatcher, Mark Whiten, Troy O'Leary
Rudy Pemberton, Darren Bragg, Trot Nixon, Darren Lewis
Indians 13 1938-50 Bruce Campbell, Earl Averill, Ben Chapman, Jeff Heath, Oris Hockett, Roy Cullenbine, Pat Seerey, Eddie Carnett, Hank Edwards
Hal Peck, Larry Doby, Bob Kennedy, Luke Easter
Angels 11 1983-93 Bobby Clark, Fred Lynn, Reggie Jackson, Ruppert Jones, George Hendrick, Chili Davis, Tony Armas, Claudell Washington, Dave Winfield, Von Hayes, Tim Salmon
Tigers 11 1973-83 Al Kaline, Jim Northrup, Art James, Rusty Staub, Ben Oglivie, Tim Corcoran, Jerry Morales, Rick Peters, Kirk Gibson, Eddie Miller, Glenn Wilson
Orioles 11 1954-64 Vic Wertz, Gene Woodling, Dave Philley, Carl Powis, Al Pilarcik, Bobby Avila, John Powers, Russ Snyder, Earl Robinson, Al Smith, Sam Bowens
Red Sox 11 1932-42 Earl Webb, Smead Jolley, Moose Solters, Carl Reynolds, Billy Werber, Buster Mills, Ben Chapman, Ted Williams, Dom DiMaggio, Lou Finney, Pete Fox
Astros 10 1988-97 Terry Puhl, Kevin Bass, Glenn Wilson, Tuffy Rhodes, Pete Incaviglia, Eric Anthony, James Mouton, Phil Plantier, Derek Bell, Bobby Abreu
Browns 10 1938-47 Beau Bell, Myril Hoag, Rip Radcliff, Cheat Laabs, Glenn McQuillen, Mike Chartak, Gene Moore, Milt Byrnes, Joe Grace, Al Zarilla
Devil Rays 9 2003-11 Ben Grieve, Jose Cruz, Aubrey Huff, Damon Hollins, Delmon Young, Eric Hinske, Gabe Gross, Ben Zobrist, Matthew Joyce
White Sox 9 1936-44 George Washington, Dixie Walker, Gee Walker, Hank Steinbacher, Taffy Wright, Larry Rosenthal, Bud Sketchley, Wally Moses, Guy Curtright
Dodgers 9 1934-42 Johnny Frederick, Buzz Boyle, Ox Eckhardt, Heinie Manush, Kiki Cuyler, Gene Moore, Roy Cullenbine, Paul Waner, Dixie Walker

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