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Longest All-Star Starter Droughts by Position

Here are the teams with the longest active All-Star starter droughts at each position.


Reds - Johnny Bench 1980
Expos/Nationals - Gary Carter 1984
White Sox - Carlton Fisk 1985
Orioles - Terry Kennedy 1987
Athletics - Terry Steinbach 1989

Eight teams have never had one: Angels, Astros, Blue Jays, Mariners, Marlins, Rockies, Rays, Diamondbacks. Colorado has never even had a catcher selected as a reserve.

Three big pairs of cleats to fill as the top three teams here haven't had one since their Hall of Famer started three decades ago. The Reds take the crown from the Royals, who will be knocked out tomorrow when Salvador Perez becomes K.C.'s first starting backstop since Darrell Porter (1979). The Brewers were third on the list, but Jonathan Lucroy will start for the N.L. this year (first since Ted Simmons in 1983).

First Base

Pirates - Dale Long 1956
Royals - John Mayberry 1973
Twins - Rod Carew 1978
Dodgers - Steve Garvey 1980
Expos/Nationals - Al Oliver 1983

Two teams have never had one: Marlins and Rays. Diamondbacks have their first this year in Paul Goldschmidt.

That's quite a streak in Pittsburgh, and the only 1B All-Star reserves they've had since 1956 are Dick Stuart (1961) and Willie Stargell (1978).

Second Base

White Sox - Nellie Fox 1963
Mets - Ron Hunt 1964
Pirates - Bill Mazeroski 1967
Twins - Rod Carew 1975
Royals - Frank White 1979

Five teams have never had one: Athletics, Padres, Marlins, Rockies, Rays

It's not just the expansion-team usual suspects in the never-had-one group, as the A's make this list. In fact, the franchise has had just one second baseman as a reserve, Phil Garner in 1976.


Tigers - Dick McAuliffe 1966
Pirates - Gene Alley 1967
Angels - Jim Fregosi 1968
White Sox - Luis Aparicio 1970
Cubs - Don Kessinger 1972

Six teams have never had one: Astros, Expos/Nationals, Padres, Blue Jays, Rays, Diamondbacks. All but Arizona have had a shortstop make it as a reserve.

Third Base

White Sox - Jimmy Dykes 1933
Twins - Harmon Killebrew 1970
Dodgers - Ron Cey 1977
Royals - George Brett 1985
Pirates - Bobby Bonilla 1988

Four teams have never had one: Astros, Expos/Nationals, Blue Jays, Mariners

Chicago has the longest drought a team can have without never having a starter. Jimmy Dykes manned the hot corner for the A.L. in the very first All-Star Game in 1933, but the Pale Hose haven't had a starter there since. The Brewers get their first this year with Aramis Ramirez voted in. The A's were #2 on this list prior to Josh Donaldson drawing the start (the previous A's 3B was Sal Bando in 1969).

Left Field

Dodgers - Tommy Davis 1963
Braves - Rico Carty 1970
White Sox - Richie Zisk 1977
Cubs - Dave Kingman 1980
Padres - Tony Gwynn 1986
Yankees - Rickey Henderson 1986

Four teams have never had one: Astros, Mariners, Marlins, Diamondbacks.

We have a tie for fifth with the Padres and (surprisingly) the Yankees both going without a LF starter since 1986.

Center Field

White Sox - Thurman Tucker 1944
Athletics - Reggie Jackson 1972
Royals - Amos Otis 1973
Angels - Fred Lynn 1983
Tigers - Chet Lemon 1984

Three teams have never had one: Brewers, Marlins, Rays

Another really long drought for the White Sox, who had Al Simmons start in center for the first three All-Star Games, plus Tucker in '44, but none since. Tucker was a defensive whiz who could steal bases and although this was his only All-Star nod, he was a contributor on the 1948 Indians championship team.

Right Field

Giants - Don Mueller 1955
Tigers - Rusty Staub 1976
Red Sox - Jim Rice 1979
Mets - Darryl Strawberry 1988
Athletics - Dave Henderson 1991

Six teams have never had one: White Sox, Astros, Expos/Nationals, Marlins, Rays and Diamondbacks

The Dodgers were third on this list but Yasiel Puig gets the start this year to be their first since Rick Monday in 1978.


Cubs - Claude Passeau 1946
Pirates - Jerry Reuss 1975
Orioles - Steve Stone 1980
Expos/Nationals - Charlie Lea 1984
Royals - Bret Saberhagen 1987

The Marlins are the only team that has never had a pitcher start an All-Star Game

10 Longest Active Droughts

White Sox 3B - Jimmy Dykes 1933
White Sox RF - None since 1933
Athletics 2B - None since 1933
White Sox CF - Thurman Tucker 1944
Cubs P - Claude Passeau 1946
Giants RF - Don Mueller 1955
Pirates 1B - Dale Long 1956
Angels C - None since 1961
Astros C/SS/3B/LF/RF - None since 1962
Dodgers LF - Tommy Davis 1963
White Sox 2B - Nellie Fox 1963

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